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Plaza of Multicultural Exchange Sakai (POME Sakai)

Welcome to POME Sakai!

(TEL) 072-228-7499 (FAX) 072-340-1091
Address: Sakai City General Welfare Hall 5F
2-1 Minamikawara-machi, Sakai-ku 〒590-0078
Located 600m from Sakaihigashi Station (Nankai Koya Line)
Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday 9:00~17:30 (closed on public holidays and New Year’s break)


Established on July 1, 2010.
The Plaza of Multicultural Exchange Sakai (Japanese: 堺市立多文化交流プラザ・さかい) conducts international exchange with the cooperation of local residents for the purpose of stronger international cooperation and a multicultural community. This is with the hope that all residents and visitors of Sakai can consider the Plaza of Multicultural Exchange Sakai as a place where they can:
- learn about the culture, tourism, industry, etc., of Sakai City and other countries
- participate in grassroot level international exchange activities
- have general consultations (aimed for foreign residents)

Available Materials and Services:
Information corner, information on international volunteer work, information exchange board, meeting rooms, books and Japanese language learning textbooks, DVDs, free internet access etc.


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