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Location Asahigaoka-nakamachi 4, Sakai-ku

Shichikanyama Kofun was a round burial mound, existed north of Richu-tenno-ryo Kofun’s rear round part, and it has been believed to be one of its satellite tombs.
The mound was approximately 56 meters in diameter and 8.1 meter high. It was built in two tiers and there was a single moat encircled it. It’s been revealed that fukiishi and haniwa once existed, and it seems that a row of cylindrical haniwa with fins was placed in circle on top of the mound. Representational haniwa figures such as houses, cuirasses, etc. have been unearthed as well. There was a wide variety of excavated artefacts, including iron armors, single-edged and double-edged iron swords, iron axes and arrowheads, and harnesses. In addition, talc comma-shaped beads and sword-shaped iron hardware were also collected.
Quantities of iron weapons and arms unearthed with others feature Shichikanyama Kofun. In fact, as many as 7 keeled helmets, 6 or more cuirasses, around 130 single-edged iron swords, and over one hundred iron arrowheads were discovered. They are considered valuable materials to estimate the construction time of Richu-tenno-ryo Kofun.


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