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Location Mozusekiun-cho 3, Sakai-ku

Right west of Hatazuka Kofun, Guwashobo Kofun is a large scale round burial mound with its diameter approximately 61meters. The mound is in two tiers, and a moat encircles it. The existence of fukiishi and haniwa has been confirmed, yet, the structure of the main burial facility and its grave goods remain unclear. Considering its diameter, it ranks after Daianjiyama Kofun, which is one of the satellite tombs of Nintoku-tennno-ryo Kofun with its diameter 62 meters. In other words, compared with other round mounds in the country, it is considered a large-scale round mound.
Guwashobo Kofun appears not a satellite tomb of Nintoku-tennno-ryo Kofun nor of Richu-tennno-ryo Kofun. It is designated as one of national historic sites.


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