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Tsunami Evacuation Measures

To help ensure the safety of city residents and others in the event of a large scale tsunami caused by a catastrophic earthquake on the Nankai Trough, Sakai City Government is developing new tsunami evacuation procedures, taking into account lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Tips for Evacuation

1. When you feel strong shocks, or a big tsunami alert or evacuation advisory is issued…

(1) Please evacuate toward the east heading for the JR Hanwa Line

(2) If you are unable to escape or have difficulty going further, please evacuate to higher places, such as tsunami evacuation buildings.

(3) Please keep away from rivers and evacuate to places of higher altitude.

2. Things to remember when you evacuate

(1) It is assumed that the first wave of a tsunami will reach Sakai City about 100 minutes after an earthquake, so please remain calm and do not rush when you evacuate.

(2) Tsunami generate secondary, tertiary and more waves, so please stay at your safe evacuation place until the tsunami alert or evacuation advisory is pfted.

(3) Please avoid evacuating by car, because it causes traffic jams and disorder.

Specific Tsunami Measures

1. Designation of Tsunami Evacuation Buildings

As soon as possible, the city will designate municipal elementary and junior high schools in suitable condition and environments in the predicted tsunami risk areas. Other buildings, including municipal, prefectural and UR housings, prefectural high schools and private buildings are scheduled to be designated accordingly.

2. Please study the Tsunami Hazard Map

3.Tsunami Evacuation Area・Tsunsmi Caution Area

(1)Area to be evacuated immediately in the event of a “Tsunami Warning” or a “Major Tsunami Warning” being issued - Tsunami Evacuation Area.

(2)Area to be prepared for immediate evacuation in the event of a “Major Tsunami Warning” being issued, residents to pay close attention to emergency channels. Tsunami Caution Area

Tsunami Evacuation Area・・・Red Area,Tsunsmi Caution Area・・・Blue Area

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