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Program details

(1) Minkantaishi (Student Ambassador) Program

The selected young future leaders from ASEAN countries are invited to introduce their cultures and languages to Sakai city’s elementary school students. They are called “Minkantaishi”, meaning “Student Ambassador”, who are learning Japanese in their country. This program provides an opportunity for both ”Minkantaishi" and Japanese students not only to exchange their knowledge but also to celebrate and respect the culture differences.
During the school visit, "Minkantaishi" provide special lessons to introduce their culture and their own specialities in Japanese. They are expected to communicate with students in Japanese. They will utilize this occasion to practice and further enhance their Japanese language skills and cultural awareness. Sakai students will have a chance to ask their questions and gain knowledge about other countries and its culture through this activity. The excitement of having guests from overseas and receiving interesting and rich in cultural presentations will motivate students’ learning and interest in different cultures.
“Minkantaishi” will be allocated with host-family while they are in Sakai. The elementary school visit and other activities during their stay will be supported by Sakai citizen’s volunteers.
After returning to their country, “Minkantaishi” are expected to become a bridge between Sakai and their countries with the experience and the memory of time spent in Sakai.

Participating Universities

-The Republic of Indonesia: Padjadjaran University
-The Lao People's Democratic Republic: National University of Laos
-Malaysia:University of Maraya
-The Republic of the Union of Myanmar: Yangon University of Foreign Language
-The Republic of the Philippines: De La Salle University
-The Kingdom of Thailand: Ayutthaya Rajabhat University
-The Socialist Republic of Vietnam: College of Foreign Languages – The University of Da Nang

(2) Science and Technology Students Exchange Program

University students who are majoring in science and technology in ASEAN countries are invited to Sakai city to study abroad and future employment opportunity. Participants are expected to join a laboratory and provide research presentations in Osaka Prefecture University during their stay. Also, an observation and tour of local companies in Sakai will be conducted.

Presentation by students from Singapore

Participating Universities

【First Phase】scheduled in Octorber
-Brunei Darussalam: University of Technology Brunei
-Kingdom of Cambodia: Royal University of Phnom Penh
-Malaysia: University of Technology Malaysia
【Second Phase】scheduled in December
-Republic of Singapore: National University of Singapore

(3) Sakai-ASEAN Square

On Sakai-ASEAN square day, you will be able to experience ASEAN's authentic food and culture through hands-on workshops, food booths, Quiz rally, stage performances, and ASEAN traditional constume experience for children.

(4) Photograph Exhibition

The exhibition features photographs of ASEAN countries’ landmarks and travel impressions that express the captivating nature of the city, its deep association with history, surrounding nature, and people. These photos are collected from the public.

(5) ASEAN Film Festival

ASEAN Film Festival opens the door to experience ASEAN culture through movies.


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