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Policies and programs of the Cultural and International Affairs Department (which oversees international policy)


(1) Promoting the international exchange volunteer program
 Promoting use of the city's volunteer interpreters and homestay programs

(2) The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
 Promoting internationalization in city government and regional society by inviting JET program participants to visit Sakai

(3) Sister and friendship city introduction program

(4) Sakai-Berkeley friendship city exchange program
 Collaborating with and supporting the Sakai-Berkeley Association

(5) Sakai-Lianyungang friendship city exchange program
 Sending friendship delegations to Lianyungang
 Accepting delegations from Lianyungang
 Collaborating with and supporting the Sakai China-Japan Friendship Association

(6) Sakai-Wellington friendship city exchange program
 Youth exchange program, etc.
 Collaborating with and supporting the Sakai-Wellington Association

(7) Promoting foreign affairs work
 Foreign affairs work involving foreign nations and international organizations


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