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About Our Mayor

Welcome to the Mayor's Office

Building a New Sakai

Sakai still has much unlocked potential and the ability to form a brilliant future.
Sakai’s history, tradition and culture is unique even within Japan and through fully utilizing it, the historical town of Sakai will create the future.
Furthermore, it is my ongoing mission to ensure that our residents never fail to feel optimistic about the future and want to continue to live here.
I humbly ask for your support and cooperation in creating the future of Sakai together.




Date of birth

July 13, 1976


  • Born in Hyogo Prefecture
  • Spent his elementary school days in Semboku New Town (southern suburb of Sakai)
  • Graduated from College of Economy, Osaka Prefecture University
  • Entered an information processing company
  • Elected twice onto the Osaka Prefectural Assembly from an electoral district of Sakai (2011-2017)
  • Elected as mayor of Sakai City in June, 2019


  • Cooking
  • Visiting art museums and museums

Favorite motto

once-in-a-lifetime encounter (ichi-go-ichi-e)
*translator’s note: this is a famous idiom which originated from Japanese tea ceremony culture that teaches how one should treasure every encounter with someone as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because the same moment may never occur again.


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