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About Our Mayor



With the trust of Sakai citizens, I am honored to continue to take the responsibility that comes with being mayor. I will brace myself even harder to meet your expectations for a better administration.

Although the environments surrounding Sakai is expected to become severer, due to factors such as accelerated population decrease caused by birthrate decline, I strongly believe there would be a breakthrough if we utilize Sakai’s utmost possibilities.

I will strive to make Sakai a city where people can lead a safe and secure life, full of dreams and hope for the future.

I humbly ask for your continued support and cooperation.




Date of birth

July 13, 1976


  • Born in Hyogo Prefecture
  • Spent his elementary school days in Semboku New Town (southern suburb of Sakai)
  • Graduated from College of Economy, Osaka Prefecture University (present Osaka Metropolitan University)
  • Entered an information processing company
  • Elected twice onto the Osaka Prefectural Assembly from an electoral district of Sakai (2011-2017)
  • Elected as mayor of Sakai City in June, 2019
  • Reelected as mayor of Sakai City in June 2023 (second term)


  • Cooking
  • Visiting art museums and museums

Favorite motto

once-in-a-lifetime encounter (ichi-go-ichi-e)
*translator’s note: this is a famous idiom which originated from Japanese tea ceremony culture that teaches how one should treasure every encounter with someone as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because the same moment may never occur again.


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