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고뵤오모테즈카 고분

소재지 사카이시 나카모즈초 4정

This keyhole-shaped burial mound is located in Nakamozu-cho with the front square portion facing west. Today, the square portion has disappeared and the moat has been filled in except for one area around the rear circular portion of the mound. For this reason, the mound appears to be circular in shape, although in actuality, it is a keyhole-shape burial mound with a short square portion (sometimes called a scallop-shape burial mound).

The mound's overall length is approx. 75 meters and the rear circular portion's diameter is roughly 57 meters. The height is approx. 8 meters and the circular portion has a two-tiered construction. There are clay figures, but stone buttresses have not been confirmed.


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