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Osaka Prefectural Corona Vaccination Center



My Dome Osaka
2-5 Honmachibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
6 min walk from Sakaisuji honmachi Station, Osaka Metro subway line


  • Those registered as residents in Osaka Prefecture and aged 18 and over on the day of inoculation
  • Those who have received vaccination tickets from their municipalities


Until November 30, 2021 (planned)

Business hours

9:00am – 9:00pm (including weekends and public holidays)
Reception closes at 8:30pm so please make sure to check in by then.

Vaccine to be used

Moderna vaccine

How to reserve

Through the Internet or LINE
※Please book your first dose only, your second dose will be booked at the center on the day of your first inoculation.
Multilingual explanation for the Internet booking


  • If you have already made a booking at a vaccination canter or a clinic in Sakai City, please make sure NOT to do so again at other vaccination centers.
  • Please make a reservation after receiving your vaccination tickets.
  • On the day of your inoculation, please be sure to bring vaccination tickets (接種券), preliminary sheet (予診票) and ID (driver’s license, health insurance card, My Number card etc.
  • Reservations and inquiries for the Osaka Prefectural Corona Vaccination Center are NOT accepted at the Sakai City Multilingual Call Center for COVID-19 Vaccination or Sakai City Hall.

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