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Sakai city

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For Foreign Residents and Visitors


Information on Coronavirus

Sakai knives special online shop for overseas ““ opened !

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Website for Personal Identification Number Card(The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems(J-LIS))

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。The Social Security and Tax Number System(Cabinet Secretariat HP)

SAKAI Peace Contribution Award -What It Is and Why Established-

Mozu-Furuichi KofunGroup was finally registered as a World Heritage site.

City Life newsletter

What's SAKAI

About Sakai

Sister and friendship Cities

international exchange


Notable historic figures

Enjoying SAKAI

Sightseeing in Sakai

Major Sakai events

Traditional industry

Business information

Living in SAKAI

Essentials for Living in Sakai

Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreign Residents

Beginners’ Japanese Lessons

Free Consulting Service for Naturalization and Immigration

Living in Sakai guide(visa and etc)

Recycling and Garbage Disposal Handbook

Emergency medical information

In an emergency

Sakai International Plaza

Life Advice for International Residents in Sakai

Sakai City Volunteer Interpreters System

School information

Notice of School Expense Subsidy System for FY 2017

City Life newsletter

Tsunami Evacuation Measures


Recycling and Garbage Disposal Handbook

Sakai City Tax Facts

Sakai International Plaza

Municipal channel CH2

How to call 119

Yamatogawa River Flood Hazard Map

Ishizugawa River Flood Hazard Map

Nishiyokegawa River ・ Higashiyokegawa River Flood Hazard Map

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  • For Foreign Residents and Visitors
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