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Sakai city

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Flower glossary

Feel the excitement of nature.
Flowers adorn the seasons and bring the brilliance of life.

Ume Grove (Kozen Park): Mid February

There are approx. 1400 ume trees of about 47 different species in the park. You can enjoy various types of blossoms including white, red and pink etc.

"Sakura" (Cherry Blossom) Festival (Chozenji Temple): Early April

Daisen Park

Nishihara Park

In full bloom of some 30 cherry trees, each over 30 years old, festival events include "Mochi-maki", scattering a lot of give-away good-luck mochi rice-cakes. Other well-known locations to enjoy cherry blossoms are Nishihara Park, the Cherry Garden in Daisen Park, and the Cherry Garden in Sakai City Cemetery Park.

"Hanatsumi"(Flower Picking) Festival(Otori Shrine):April 13

Hanatsumi (Flower Picking) Festival

Hanatsumi Festival is one of the ancient and elegant events that make the flower season more attractive. The festival originated in Heian period to pray for good health. The tradition still lives in the performances of today's "Hanatumi-me" or Flower-Picking Maids.

"Tsutsuji-no-Torinuke" or Azalea Blossom Viewing (Asakayama Water Purification Plant): Late April

Asakayama Water Purification Plant

Hounji Temple

Every year around the time of the annual Golden Week holiday season, Sakai is made beautiful with the flowering of the azalea, the city's official symbol shrub. When the azaleas start to bloom each spring, the city opens Asakayama Water Purification Plant, which has been designated one of Osaka's 100 best spots of natural beauty, to the general public. Every year 50,000 to 60,000 people come to enjoy the beautiful flowers of the area's giant hirado azaleas.Also,Hounji Temple has 1,000 azalea trees in its 33,000sq.meter precinct, and more than 1,000 visitors each day come and enjoy the attractive scenery during the bloom season.

"Bara" Rose Garden (Hamadera Park): Mid May

Hamadera Park

Shinonome Park

Comprised of five zones that form what has been described as a "Walk-around" Japanese style garden and one zone designed to mirror a European garden, Bara Rose Garden greets visitors with the colorful splendor and noble fragrance of its 6,500 plants of some 250 species. The Garden's selection of indigenous Japanese species such as the multiflora rose and sweetbrier is particularly well developed, creating a uniquely Japanese rose garden that blends into the surrounding scenery. The garden also blossoms in October, allowing visitors to enjoy it twice a year. Roses can also be seen at Shinonome Park. Shaped like a European cloister and home to about 1,300 rose plants of 60different species, the park is famous for roses whose sweet fragrance and colorful appearance invite you to be unconscious of the passage of time.

"Ajisai-no-Torinuke" or Hydrangea Blossom Viewing (Sambo Sewage Treatment Plant): Late May to early June

Sambo Sewage Treatment Plant

The Plant is home to 1,000 hydrangea plants representing 50 of the most common species and is open to the general public while they are in bloom. Purified wastewater from the plant is used for watering the blue, pink, purple, and white flowers along the roads within the facility.

"Ayame"(Iris) Festival (Otori Shrine): Mid June

Funatoike Park

Japanese Garden

Visitors to the Ayame Festival can enjoy 100,000 iris plants of about 50different species, also the shrine has the rituals of flower and tea offerings. You can also enjoy the iris, Sakai's official symbol flower, at Daisen Park's Japanese garden and Funatoike Park.

Cosmos "Hanatsumi" ("Flower-picking") (Harvest Hill): Late September to mid October

Harvest Hill

About 500,000 cosmos plants come into flower on Harvest Hill. Across the suspension bridge is the village's flower garden of about 4,000 sq.meters,where you can enjoy lovely pink, red, and white flowers. You can also enjoy picking cosmos (for a fee) at Nagamine Hanatsumi Park and the Cosmos Center.

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