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Award Presentation Ceremony

Mayor Kihara presents Mr. Jehan Perera with his certificate

 The 1st Award Ceremony for the SAKAI Peace Contribution Award was held on October 6th (Monday), 2008 in the Royal Hall of the RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL SAKAI.

 Present at the ceremony were Sri Lankan peace activist Jehan Perera (Grand Prize), the physician Hideto Yoshioka (Encouragement Prize) and Yasuko Yamashita, Chief Director of the NPO the Japan-Nepal Female Education Association (Encouragement Prize), each of whom was presented with a commemorative certificate and shield by Mayor Kihara. After the ceremony, Mr. Perera gave a commemorative lecture, which was attended by more than 400 citizens.

Award Recipients (Left to Right: Mr. Perera, Mr. Yoshioka, Ms Yamashita)

 During the ceremony, Mayor Kihara stated, “The various activities of each of today’s recipients are outstanding, and represent the very embodiment of the philosophy which is behind this award. It is my hope that, beginning with peace in the Asian Pacific region, the creation of this award will come to play a role in the realization of World Peace, and will also give rise to fresh opportunities for exchange and cooperation between the countries and regions concerned.”

 Mr. Perera, who continues to carry out nonviolent peace-building activities in Sri Lanka, a country beset with ongoing ethnic conflict, said, “Receiving this award has given me the message that there are people out there in the world who support our activities. It gives us strong support, and courage, as we strive to carry on our work under very difficult conditions.”

Mr. Perera giving his commemorative lecture

 Mr. Yoshioka added, “Thinking about peace and life, and what we can do for the world, I want us to send more and more outstanding Japanese people to help overseas.” Ms. Yamashita said, “This award is filled with the people of Sakai’s hopes for peace, and I will strive to advance the activities of our association with the honor of having received my award in my heart.”

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The 1st Convention

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