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About Resident Registration (jumin-toroku)

Resident registration and changes of address

On July 9, 2012 (Heisei 24), the Basic Resident Registration Law was partly revised. At the same time, the previous Alien Registration System was abolished. Under the revised law, foreign nationals who stay in Japan for more than three months (except temporary visitors such as tourists) are required to register with the Basic Resident Register, just as Japanese citizens are.
If your address has changed due to moving house etc., please bring your Residence Card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate to your local ward office and file a Notification of moving house (Jumin-ido-todoke) and a Notification of change of address (Juminchino-henkono-todoke) within 14 days after moving. If you move into Sakai City from another municipality, you are also required to submit a Moving-out Certificate (Tenshutsu-shomeisho) issued by the municipality where you used to live.
Moreover, if you have just recently moved to Japan, you are required to complete residence registration at the Civic Affairs Division (Shiminka) of the local ward office where you live.

Applies to:

  • Mid- to Long-Term Residents (those who have been, or are eligible to be, issued with a Residence Card)
  • Special Permanent Residents
  • Persons granted permission for temporary refuge or provisional stay
  • Persons who may continue to stay in Japan transitionally, by birth or those who have lost Japanese nationality

For People Who Move to Japan from Overseas

  What to bring Where to go
Special Permanent Residents
  • Special Permanent Resident Certificate
  • Passport
Please apply at your local ward office's Civic Affairs Division within 14 days of entering Japan.
Mid- to Long-Term Residents, etc.
  • Residence Card (or passport with a seal that states the Residence Card will be issued at a later date)
  • Passport

Regarding the Issuance of Copies of Residence Records

These are issued by the Civic Affairs Divisions (shiminka) in each ward office. Moreover, if the person who submits the request is not the resident themself or a family member, a signed letter of attorney is required.
Service charge: ¥200 per copy


外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Regarding the Basic Resident Registration pertaining to foreign residents (Ministry of Internal Affa

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Immigration Services Agency of Japan

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