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Sakai city

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Emergency hospitals

A & E Hospital Information

The following is the list of accident and emergency hospitals (hospitals that accept emergency patients who require hospitalization or operation) in the city. Be sure to check with the hospital beforehand, as the department and the day of consultation may be changed.

Ward Hospital Address Telephone number Type of consultation Day of consultation
Sakai Asakayama Hospital 3-3-16, Imaike-cho 229-4882(day) Internal medicine, psychiatry All year - internal medicine. On rotational basis - psychiatry
Sakai Yamaguchi Hospital 6-383, Higashi-minato-cho 241-3945 External medicine All year

Internal medicine

Seikeikai Hospital 1-1-1 Minamiyasui-cho 223-8199 Internal medicine, pediatrics, external medicine, neurosurgery, orthopedics All year
Hankai Hospital 1-8-8, Ohama-kitamachi 233-6745 Orthopedics All year
Mimihara General Hospital 4-465, Kyowa-cho 241-0501 Internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology All year
Sakai Fujita Hospital 3347 Fukaisawa-machi 279-1170 Orthopedics Tuesday
Sakai Heisei Hospital 6-13 Fukaisawa-machi 278-2461 Internal medicine All year
Hannan Hospital 277, Handa-minamino-cho 278-0381 Psychiatry On rotational basis
Hanwa Daini Semboku Hospital 3176 Fukaikita-machi 277-1401 Internal medicine Wednesday
Bell Land General Hospital 500-3, Higashiyama 234-2001 Internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, external medicine
cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics
All year
Pediatrics Sunday, Thursday
Houwa Hospital 700-1, Shinke-cho 234-1331

External medicine,
internal medicine

All year
Minami Sakai Hospital 292, Ono-shiba-cho 236-3636 Internal medicine, external medicine, Orthopedics All year
Higashi Hino Hospital 626 Kitanoda 235-0090 Internal medicine All year
Nishi Sakai City Medical Center 1-1-1 Ebaraji-cho 272-1199 Internal medicine, pediatrics, external medicine, obstetrics and gynecology

All year

Baba Kinen Hospital 4-244, Hamadera-funao-cho Higashi 265-5558 Internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, external medicine, neurosurgery, orthopedics, internal neurology All year
Minami Sakai Sakibana Hospital 2-7-1, Harayama-dai 295-8833 Internal medicine

All year

Semboku Jinnai Hospital 40, Toyoda 299-2020 Internal medicine All year
Kita Ueki Hospital 3002-5, Kurotsuchi-cho 257-0100 Internal medicine All year
Osaka Rosai Hospital 1179-3, Nagasone-cho 252-3561 Internal medicine, external medicine, cardiovascular disease, orthopedics, gastrointestinal medicine,neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology All year
Pediatrics Monday,
2nd Saturday and Sunday of every month,
4th Saturday and Sunday of every month
Kanaoka Central Hospital 450, Nakamura-cho 252-9000 Psychiatry On rotational basis
Kinki Chuo Respiratory Care Center 1180, Nagasone-cho 252-3021 Respiratory medicine All year
Sakai Wakabakai Hospital 4-1-7 Shinkanaoka-cho 255-1001

Internal medicine, orthopedics

All year
External medicine Monday to Thursday and Saturday


Yoshikawa Hospital 4-1-25, Higashimikunigaoka-cho 259-0100 Internal medicine Monday to Saturday
Mihara Tanaka Hospital 39-10, Kuroyama 361-3555 External medicine All year
Mihara Hospital 380, Imai 361-0545 Psychiatry On rotational basis

* For a condition that may require first-aid, promptly call for an ambulance by dialing 119.
(119 call services are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.)

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