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Household garbage【Collected Twice a Week】

Types (example)

※Put garbage into a colorless transparent bag or white translucent bag of 45 liters or less.

Raw garbage

(Ex. scraps, leftovers, used tea leaves)

Drain excess liquid before discarding.

Wood waste

(Ex. fallen leaves, grass, bamboo skewers)

Remove soil before discarding.

Paper & fabric waste

(Ex. newspaper, magazines, cardboard, clothes)

Throw away on community-led collection days or use collection traders as much as possible.

Plastic waste

(Excl. pet bottles, plastic containers and packages)

Classify soiled pet bottles, greasy dressing packages etc. as household garbage.

Other burnable garbage

Put it into a garbage bag of 45 liters or less.

What to be aware of when discarding garbage

※Up to 3 bundles or bags of waste wood, paper and clothes may be discarded per pickup.

Wood waste

(Ex. fallen leaves, grass)

Twigs should be 5 cm or less in diameter. Cut twigs into lengths of 30 cm or less and tie them into a bundle
that can be lifted with one hand.Be sure to remove soil from fallen leaves and grass before putting them into a garbage bag.

Paper & fabric waste

(Ex. newspaper, magazines, cardboard)

Tie newspaper and magazines into a bundle
that can be lifted with one hand.Fabric waste should be put into a garbage bag.
Cardboard boxes should be folded and tied into a bundle of 4 to 5 boxes.

Waste oil

Waste oil should be absorbed in paper etc.

Pointed waste

Pointed waste, such as bamboo skewers, should be wrapped in newspaper etc.


  • Garbage from businesses (ex. shops, companies) cannot be collected by the city.

Businesses should take full responsibility for their garbage disposal.

※This is stipulated by Article 3 (Business responsibility) of the Waste Disposal and Public Cleaning Law of Japan.

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