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Location Mozuryounan-cho 2, Kita-ku

Yunoyama Kofun was a burial mound, located on the edge of a hill in Mozuryonan-cho. Although nearly half of the mound had been demolished at the time of the excavation in 1976, it has been believed to be a round burial mound, 20 meters in diameter and 3 meters high.
It has been confirmed the existence of haniwa and a surrounding moat. In fact, it is presumed that the moat was a trench dug only on the eastern side of the mound.
The main burial facility made of clay measured over 2.2 meters long and 1.65 meters wide with its axis on southeast-northwest. It is believed that a wooden-structured coffin was placed inside. An odd-shaped copper mirror with the images of six beasts and two iron double-blade swords have been found in it. It seems that the body was buried with its head facing southeast.

In the main portion of the mound, placed on an axis for the four compass points, was a clay burial chamber measuring over 2.2 meters in length and 1.65 meters in width, thought to have housed an assembly-type wooden coffin. Excavated from the wooden coffin were an odd-looking clay mirror with an image of six hairy beasts and two iron swords. It appears as if the body was buried with its head facing southeast.

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