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Location Mozunishino-cho 3, Kuta-ku

Facing west, Nisanzai Kofun is a large keyhole-shaped burial mound on the southeastern edge of the Mozu Tumulus Group. It is designated as one of the imperial mausoleum reference sites under the supervision of the Imperial Household Agency. The size of the mound is approximately 300 meters long, with the round part about 170 meters in diameter and 24.6 meters high and the square about 224 meters wide and 25.9 meters high. It is the seventh largest in Japan. Beautifully balanced with the square part widening towards the front, the mound is in three tiers. There are tsukuridashi attached to both sides of the constricted area.
The structure of the main burial facility and its mortuary goods remain unclear, yet, the existence of fukiishi and haniwa has been confirmed. Although only a single moat surrounds the mound today, the excavation conducted in 1976 found that there used to be an outer moat as well. In fact, it is considered that the outer moat was interrupted at the back of the round part, as the landform of that area was higher than other areas.

The overall length is approx. 300 meters. The diameter of the rear circular portion is approx. 170 meters and its height is roughly 24.6 meters. The front square portion is approx. 224 meters wide with a height of approx. 25.9 meters. These dimensions make this burial mound the 7th largest in Japan.

The shape of the immense front square portion remains in beautiful condition. It has a three-tiered construction and there are protruding areas attached to each side of the mound at the constricted center.
The structure and artifacts of the main portion of the mound remain unclear, but it has been confirmed that stone buttresses and clay figures exist.

Presently, there is a single moat in the shape of a shield which surrounds the mound, but in a excavation performed in 1976, it was confirmed that there existed an additional outer moat as well.
However, it is believed that the outer moat was interrupted at a point behind the rear circular portion due to the high geographical feature of the land.

It is also believed that on this high ground are three circular burial mounds of the Imperial Entourage: the Hijirinotsuuka Tomb, the Kyozuka Tomb and the Hijirizuka Tomb. Of these three, however, only the Hijirizuka tomb remains today.

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