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Location Ishizugaoka, Nishi-ku

Facing south, Richu-tenno-ryo Kofun is a keyhole-shaped burial mound in Ishizugaoka. As the south tumulus of the Three Mozumimihara Mausoleums, the mausoleum of the Emperor Richu,it is under the supervision of the Imperial Household Agency. The mound is approximately 365 meters long, with the round part about 205 meters in diameter and 27.6 meters high and the square part about 235 meters wide and 25.3 meters high. It is ranked as the third largest keyhole-shaped kofun in Japan. The mound is in three tiers, and there is tsukuridashi connecting to the western constricted area.
Although the structure of the main burial facility and its mortuary goods have not been revealed, the existence of fukiishi and haniwa has been confirmed. A single shield-shaped moat and a dike surround the mound today. However, an approximately 10 meters wide outer moat was discovered in 1944.
There used to be over 10 satellite tombs around it. Shichikanyama Kofun is believed to be one of them. However, studies of unearthed materials indicate that this baicho existed even before the construction of Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun.
According to the Edo period’s record, there was a big hole in the center of the round part, and so, it’s been considered the possibility of robbery.

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