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EMPEROR RICHU'S TUMULUS (Misanzai Tumulus, Ishizuoka Tumulus, Mozuryoyama Tumulus)

Location Ishizugaoka, Sakai City

It is a keyhole-shaped burial mound in Ishizugaoka, with the rectangular part facing south. It is now under the supervision of the Imperial Household Agency as the southern Tumulus of the Three Mozumimihara Tumulus, Richu-ryo Tumulus. The mound is about 365 meters long, its round part about 205 meters long and 27.6 meters high, the rectangular part about 235 meters and 25.3 meters high. It is the third largest keyhole-shaped burial mound in Japan. The three staged burial mound has tsukuridashi at the western narrow part. The structure of the main part of the mound is unknown and no possessions buried together with the dead have been found. It has fukiishi stones and clay figures, surrounded by a single-shield-type moat and dike. A Small-scale ditch was found in 1994.

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