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Location Mozusekiun-cho 2, Sakai-ku

Facing west, Magodayuyama Kofun is a keyhole-shaped burial mound right south of the Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, and it is believed to be one of its satellite tombs.
The overall length of the mound measures approximately 65 meters, with the round part about 48 meters in diameter and 7.6 meters high and the square part about 30 meters wide. Since the front part is short, precisely it is in the shape of scallop shell.
An Excavation has found the existence of fukiishi and cylindrical haniwa, and the moat, about 10 meters wide, surrounded the mound. However, the existence of the burial facility remains unclear. The moat has been restored. The rear round part is under supervision of the Imperial Household Agency, whereas the front square and the moat are under the city.
The front square part was restored when Daisen Park was developed.

The overall length of this burial mound is approx. 65 meters and the diameter of the rear circular portion is approx. 48 meters.
The front square portion has a width of roughly 30 meters and is formed in the shape of a scallop with a short square base.

In one excavation,stone buttresses and clay figures were found, and it appears as if a moat measuring roughly 10 meters wide had encircled the mound, however the existence of a burial chamber remains unclear.

Presently, the moat has been restored and the rear circular portion of the burial mound is under the protection of the Imperial Household Agency, while the front square portion is under the protection of Sakai City.

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