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Location Mozuakahata-cho 5, Kita-ku

Katonboyama Kofun was a round burial mound, situated east of Gobyoyama Kofun, and it has been believed to be its satellite tomb. An excavation was conducted in 1949, because demolition of the kofun due to earth and sand collection started to appear. Although much of the mound had been destroyed at the time of the excavation, it revealed that the mound was about 50 meters in diameter and 6 meters high, and it was built in two tiers. The existence of fukiishi and a row of haniwa was also confirmed.
Though many of the artifacts were scattered before, most of them were collected during the excavation. Also, some others were found later, and so, outlines of burial goods have become clear.
Unearthed artifacts include two types of copper mirrors, one with auspicious inscriptions and the other without design, iron weapons such as swords and arrowheads, iron tools like knives and axes, as well as talc beads and counterfeits of impractical use. Talc beads count as many as 5 comma-shaped beads with several smaller curved ones attached, 729 comma-shaped, twenty thousand or so small mortar-shaped made of soapstone, one double-hole disc, one sword-shaped stoneware, 6 axe-shaped, 13 sickled shaped, and 369 knife-shaped.

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