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Location Mozu-honmachi 3, Kita-ku

Facing west, Itasuke Kofun is a keyhole-shaped burial mound situated in the middle of the Mozu Tumulus Group. It is the eighth largest among the Group. The overall length is approximately 146meters, with the round portion about 90 meters in diameter and 12.2 meters high and the square portion about 99 meters wide and 11.4 meters high. The mound is in three tiers, and it has tsukuridashi attached to the southern constricted part.
The existence of fukiishi and haniwa has been confirmed, and haniwa keeled helmets were unearthed from the rear round part.
Situated on the southern part of the plateau, it has a large-scale dike built on the south side of the moat.
This kofun was about to be demolished to make a residential area in 1955. However, it was saved as an result of the civic movement and has been conserved since then. Haniwa helmets unearthed from the rear round part at that time has been used as the symbol of the city’s cultural properties protection. It is one of national historic sites among the Mozu Tumulus Group.

Stone buttresses and clay figures were found, and a clay image of a Japanese war helmet was excavated from the back circular portion of the mound. Because of the position of the southern edge of the mound, a high embankment has been constructed at the south end of the moat.

The Japanese war helmet that was excavated from the burial mound has become the symbol of Sakai City's commitment to the preservation of cultural assets.

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