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Location Mozuryounan-cho 3, Kita-ku

Facing west, Hiraizuka Kofun was a keyhole-shaped burial mound, located approximately 300 meters southwest of Nisanzai Kofun’s front square part.
The mound was 58 meters long, with the round part 30.5 meters in diameter and the square part 45.5 meters wide. There was an approximately 7.5 meters wide moat surrounded it.
In 1971, as a part of the Land Division Reorganization Project, an excavation was conducted, and a row of haniwa was found at the constricted part towards the front square. Items unearthed during this excavation include Sue ware pots and Haji ware pedestaled dishes as well as cylindrical and representational haniwa. However, the existence of fukiishi has not been confirmed.
Among the keyhole-shaped burial mounds in the Mozu Tumulus Group, it is recognized as the last construction.

The mound's overall length is 58 meters and the mound is completely surrounded by a 7.5 meter wide moat. The rear circular portion has a diameter of 30.5 meters and the width of the front square portion is 45.5 meters.

In 1971, as part of the Land Division Reorganization Project, an excavation dig revealed the existence of a row of clay figures extending from the constricted center and continuing to the front square portion of the mound. Items found during the excavation include clay cylinders, clay figures, earthenware jars, platters, and other items. However, the existence of stone buttresses has not been confirmed.

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