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Location Mozunishino-cho 1, Kita-ku

Akayama Kofun was a round burial mound, located near the main gate of Sakai City Mozu Nursing School in Mozunishino-cho. Demolished long ago, the exact place of the mound had been unclear. Yet, when the road construction was conducted in 1973, many haniwa were unearthed. So, the construction was stopped temporary and an excavation was done to confirm its location, size and shape.

At the time of the excavation, three quarters of the mound was already lost. However, it has been confirmed that its size was approximately 20 meters in diameter and 2 meters high.

There was square tsukuridashi of 2.2 meters side attached to the eastern side of the mound, and it was sectioned off by a row of haniwa. But remnants of the main facility were not found.

A row of haniwa encircled on the bottom skirt of the mound, and pieces of representational haniwa were scattered over the mound. The existence of fukiishi has been confirmed, and house- and horse-shaped haniwa as well as Sue ware jars were unearthed from tsukuridashi.

On the eastern edge of the mound is a small, extended area of 2.2 meters in length sectioned off by a row of clay figures, but no remnants of the main portion of the tomb were found. The bottom slope of the mound is encircled by a row of clay figures and there are clay shapes scattered about inside, as well. The mound also had stone buttresses. Excavated from within the extended area were clay figures of houses, horses and a earthenware jar.

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