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Support After Starting Business

Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center provides a variety of businesses with comprehensive support, ranging from management consultation, business matching service and human resources training to information dissemination and fund raising support.

Business Matching Service/Industry-University Collaboration Support Program

Business matching service is based on the information of products and technologies collected from visits to companies in the city. There is also general support to companies to utilize university research.

Sakai Regional Development Fund Program

In order to revitalize the local economy, the city became a member of the Sakai Venture Nurturing Investment Program Association and helps smaller companies to get listed in the stock exchange.

Money Lending System for Vitalization of Smaller Companies

Money lending system for manufacturers to invest in plants and equipments in the city or for companies to promote environmental management or employ people with disabilities.

  • Maximum:¥50 million (with mortgage)
  • Usage: Money for facilities or their operation
  • Period: Within 10 years of installation or within 7 years of operations commencing
    Interest:1.4% interest per year
  • Guarantee Charge: All covered by the city


Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center
183-5 Nagasone-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai 591-8025 Tel:+81 (0)72 255 6700 Fax:+81 (0)72 255 1185 URL:

Sakai Business Incubation Center (S-Cube)

The Center rents office or laboratory space to the entrepreneurs that plan to start new businesses or develop new products and it provides free and comprehensive management support from incorporation to commercialization in accordance with each tenant.


  • Companies in growing stage just after starting business
  • Smaller companies or university teaching staff involved in industry-university collolaboration
  • Smaller companies trying to start new businesses
  • Persons preparing to start a new business
  • Persons who recently started a business (within around 2 years)

Available Support

  • Business space rental (office, laboratory and desks)
  • Management support (free of charge)
  • Rental fee assistance (office and laboratory)
    Ratio: 50% of rental fee (if headquarters is located outside Sakai, 25%)
    Period: 3 years after beginning tenancy


Sakai Business Incubation Center (S-Cube)
130-42 Nagasone-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai 591-8025 Tel:+81 (0)72 240 3775 Fax;+81 (0)72 240 3662

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