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Sakai city

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One of Japan's most industrialized regions

Sakai, a City of Ultimate Potentialon the Path to Tomorrow

In ancient times, one of the world’s largest tombs, the Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, was built in Sakai and during the medieval era Sakai prospered as an autonomous city which developed economically through international trade.
It was also blessed with a rich culture, being the birthplaces of grand tea master Sen no Rikyu, and the passionate poet Yosano Akiko.
Sakai was municipalized in 1889 and developed dramatically as an industrial city during Japan’s high economic growth period. In April 2006, Sakai became the 15th ordinance- designated city in Japan.
In the city a great number of companies from various fields including petrochemical, energy generation, metal works and machinery make Sakai one of Japan’s leading industrial centers. On top of this, more companies with cutting-edge ecological technologies are moving to the city, forming a new cluster of industries with state-of-the-art value-added technologies. We are committed to spreading this effect to the whole city for Sakai’s sustainable development.

  • PDF version of Guidebook for Business Investment in Sakai


Industrial Policy Division, Commerce, Industry Labor Department, Industrial Promotion Bureau
TEL: +81-72-228-7629 / FAX: +81-72-228-8816

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